Our favourite babes and ultimate fashion icons



Allie Marie Evans

Our favourite blondie! She’s a Canadian actress., most known for her role as Natalie on HBO's Euphoria.

Allie has a creative style that inspires us and we love to watch her Instagram Stories, ‘cause she’s always so joyful

Go check her!


Teresa Mineiro


Courtney Halverson aka Pretty Little Fawn

She’s an actress and blogger based in Los Angeles and we love her style since we saw her photos for the first time!

She loves “vintage clothing, thrifting, mimosas, and brunch” and thats also why we love her!

In her blog you can get inspired about fashion, beauty and travel.

Go check it!


Joana 'Staygold' Verissimo

She's a "failed minimalist" and we love her!

Her instagram feed is such an inspiration and she looks always so cool that we automaticly want to be her friend! 

The way that she capture de details is just perfect and captured our attention, as much as her ecletic and minimalist style.

We could say much about Joana and her style, but the best way to get to know her is to check her instagram!


Nooralotta Neziri

She is a Finnish champion: The current Finnish record on women's 100m hurdles is hers! And her record in the 100m sprint is 11.48, which is the 8th fastest time in her country history. Can you imagine?!

And Nooralotta is not just a athlete, she has a blog and she always looks stunning on and off the running track, don’t you think?

renata sousa.jpg

Renata Sousa

You must recognizer her from our online shop, cause she’s the star of FW18-19 collection’s store photos.

She’s a sweet girl with bright eyes and we loved to get to know her!

You should go check her Instagram!


Daniela Granda

Her free spirit inspires us a lot! And her smile! Isn't it the best?!

She has the most beautiful feed on instagram, with photos in the nature and with her style choices.

And more then that, you can follow her not for the clothes or image, but also because of her beautiful lesson about spirituality and connecting with your inner self


Maria Galvão de Sousa

She's that girl with a vision of the world that inspires you anytime!
Her creativity results in beautiful photos and aesthetic.

You have to check her blog, where she shares her "eternal love for the arts, photography and design".


Kayla Hancock 

She's the most cute yoububer in the whole world! Her videos are so inspirational and help you in your daily life! 

Kayla is so talented in so many ways and you know what? She has so much style!

She is our most dear internet friend!!! We LOVE her so much! 

Go check her You Tube channel and Instagram and get in touch with her via DM's and comments!


Maria Vidrasco

The coolest Greek girl you can find! She has that look, like a hollywood star!

Her style is unique and we love it so much! Follow her Instagram account and check her blog!


Gina Vadana aka Vintageena

Gina is a blogger and youtuber that stands out for her unique style, cool vibes and cute accent!

We love her since the beginning of her blog and we're so happy to finally have her in our gang! 

You should definitely follow her on her You Tube channel and Instagram, and make sure that you read all photo's caption until the end, you'll learn so much!


Helena Martins

She has the most beautiful blog! If you like neutral colors you'll love her photos and style. We certainly  do!


Márcia Simões aka Masimmo

We fell in love with Márcia's Instagram. She has a cool vibe, amazing photos and an eye for design. 

And she looks so beautiful with SIZ clothes!