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PHOTOGRAPHER . David and Tanya

MODEL . Maria Cayatte at Central Models

MAKEUP ARTIST . Beatriz Texugo

STYLING . The Congruence Project

SHOES . Palla

HAT . Jolie Su


It's aesthetic mix the ski and the serenity of the ice areas with the strong attitude of a cowboy.

All the pieces are made with deadstock fabrics and off-cuts from a Portuguese factory


The fact that the earth is already warming is no longer a new and it is very evident.

The biggest blame for Global Warming lies, of course, on the less conscious human behaviors. Such as the use of fossil fuels which results in a growing greenhouse gas that keeps the planet from cooling down as it is supposed to.

When the temperature rises and the ice melts, the ocean warms and increases in volume, which causes the inevitable rise in the mean water level, which will eventually lead to sinking of land, erosion of coasts and contamination of drinking water.

In addition, greenhouse gases are released when organic matter that has been frozen under the ground for several centuries thaws and rots. One of the most alarming consequences of warming is undoubtedly the thawing of glaciers, with effects that could prove catastrophic.

It is also important to remember that glaciers, icebergs and the ice sheet that accumulates over the ocean are extremely clear surfaces and therefore with high albedo. It means that 80% of sunlight is reflected back into space, thus preventing the planet from warming .While without these icy areas, the immense darkness of a liquid ocean remains, which in turn absorbs 90% of solar radiation. With the absence of these surfaces over the ocean, polar bears cannot catch enough seals to survive the winter.

Those who survive will be less likely to raise healthy offspring, thus reducing the polar bear population over generations. Others migrate in the opposite direction to their natural route, as when the ice breaks it is dragged south by the current. And no matter how hard it is for us to deal with these seemingly overwhelming problems, we cannot pretend that these phenomena will not cause imminent harm, as experts claim, after several studies and predictions, that all these effects are happening long before that anticipate and warn of the possibility that several regions will see their glaciers completely disappear by 2100.


In this collection we not only used organic fabrics but also fabric off-cuts and end of rolls. These last two are so or even more sustainable ways to work as the organic fabrics, since we’re collecting the fabric whose end would be the trash, we’re doing our collection with minimum waste, near to zero.

Also, we’re not promoting the production of more material and we’re using fabric that was already produced so its production’s resources were for two proposes and well used.

Our organic fabrics are still a great deal, as the organic cotton is so comfortable and skin-friendly, and that is just some of the reasons we love it!

We only used wooden buttons from a Portuguese factory and our metal zipper were also the leftover of other main productions, also from a Portuguese factory.

If you’d like to know more about our fabrics and production just check our website, where you can find several articles about it, or even in our Instagram stories highlights.




Eco-Friendly Fabrics: Why Organic Cotton is the fabric of the future?

What you wear on your body is just as impactful as what you put in your body. Since the ground-breaking 2015 documentary, The True Cost, came out, shoppers all over the world have demanded a better way. Farmers should not contract deadly diseases from growing chemical-laden cotton. Manufacturing warehouse workers shouldn’t be forced to work in unsafe conditions. Landfills all over the globe shouldn’t be full of discarded clothing. So, what is the “better way” of producing clothing? …

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NEW COLOR - Siberia Dress in Turquoise

Round neck midi dress with short sleeves. Detail of inside out seams and button fastening in the front.

Made of ribbed jersey in several colours.

Now with wooden buttons!

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RESTOCK - Climate Change T-shirt, Now in Organic Cotton

T-shirt in soft organic cotton jersey with a print motif of flowers and "Climate Change is real - There’s no time to lose” on the front



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