Climate change is real. We've been talking about global warming for years and although some measures have been taken, it’s not enough. Our daily actions can bring dramatic changes that are already occurring throughout the World.

One of the causes for this reality is the well-known greenhouse effect. Even natural gas turned out a wrong alternative, which will destroy our planet. Intensive deforestation limits exponentially the absorption of carbon dioxide and oxygen release; and the creation of cattle is as harmful by the gases released as by the excessive agricultural production.

What will our future be like?

Scientists predict that several cataclysms will happen at the same time.

The heat waves are a consequence that we can already identify and are the cause of many health problems. Due to hot temperatures, forest fires will be greater and uncontrollable. There’ll be severe drought, large floods, and coastal displacement; factors that will destroy cities and agriculture fields.

Consequently, there’ll be food shortages and poverty. Diseases will propagate more easily, homes shall be destroyed, food security will reduce and there’ll be more lives at risk. We’ll have a gigantic migration and the competition for resources will increase to a global conflict. Biodiversity will be reduced, and the ecosystem will collapse.

We speak of the future, but let us not delude ourselves, these consequences are already perceptible and the most catastrophic aren’t centuries away.

These words expose briefly the state of our environment, however, each of these topics can be intensively explored.