AFTER focuses on a world after the changes that our planet is and will suffer. Imagine a future, post Anthropocene, but not too distant and not very fictional. The changes we have stubbornly ignored have already happened; they’re real and we didn’t control them. The world collapsed, and the prediction came true. We’re after a few years of recovery, when the earth is but deserts of sandy land and tepid oceans where once there were rich cities. The human species has been able to resist, but there isn’t much more life remaining on our planet of extremes.

What will it be like to live there?

If we knew that one day the planet would really resent our ill-treatment, would we change our behavior?

We hope to draw attention to the problem of climate change and all its consequences and its causes. Change of mindset and attitude is priority, and keywords.

Let’us work for a sane world, which will persist with its beauty for many millennia.