The Swedish word for the crazy speed of a traveler's heart before the journey begins. The fear and excitement that precedes a trip in a single term.

In a world that is always changing and evolving, there are new feelings and so the vocabulary is changing and now we have new words.They often have no translation in other languages, but some are universal and communicate in a few syllables a sensation that we are not always able to describe, since the emotion is more intense and diverse than a language can express.

It is not only the traveler who experiences this need to express feelings, nevertheless we have focused on the nomads of modern times, since today the global connection is so important and evident. In this globalized urban culture, influences from around the world are shared and blended faster than ever.

The modern nomad can not stay in one place, he wants to explore the world and he knows that he belongs to it and not just to one nationality. He connects to cultures and drinks from them all, drawing inspiration from landscapes, people and their lives.

Moreover, in this increasingly computerized and pragmatic world the desire to trust our instincts grows. This leads to long-term thinking, trying to develop sustainable resources and seek solutions in nature, as well as accepting imperfections.